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RiVern Adventure Designs was created to make our adventures better.  Whether it's in your Van, Overlanding Rig, River Raft or Motorcycle as soon as you run out of water you have to head back to reality.  We've created a water purifier that will extend your adventures at the push of a button.  Top up your overland water supply with water from any lake or stream with PYURIFI our new UV Water Filter.

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About Us

RiVern Adventure Designs is named for my dad, Vern.  He was passionate about river rafting and he passed that, plus a love for exciting outdoor sports, on to me.  He was a guy that could make or fix pretty much anything you put in front of him, if he didn't understand something he would figure it out.

That's the approach we use at RiVern Adventure Designs:

We can make that.  We'll fix that.  We will figure that out. 

All in the service of making our customer's adventures just that much better, smoother, more enjoyable.

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Contact Us

Bend, OR

‪(541) 357-7296‬

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