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Pyurifi gives you back your camp time.  No more spending an hour filling up the water supply with hand operated filters that are clumsy, often frustrating and oddly exhausting to use.  Pyurifi's onboard battery and integrated pump make producing water as easy as pushing a button.  Set it up, turn it on and head back to camp to relax, finish set-up, play camp games or take a nap.  


Tired of having to head back to civilization because your water supply is running low or being super stingy on water to make sure you have enough for the trip?  Now you can produce water in quantity to refill the onboard tank in the van or top up those jerry cans from the next stream you cross or the lake you're camping next to.  Use as much water as you want, you can always make more!  Heck, we even use filtered water to do dishes!  


What Pyurifi can do:

•Create camp time for fishing, beer drinking, cooking, snacking, camp games, napping instead of pumping water by yourself down by the river….

•Exceeds the standard removal rates of 99.9999% of Bacteria, 99.99% of cysts and viruses from fresh surface water. 

•The carbon filter reduces turbidity and helps to improve the flavor of the water. 

•Make about 45 gallons of clean water per charge.

•Run straight off of a solar panel that will produce 3amps of current at 12vdc.  (This is about a 40watt panel).


What Pyurifi doesn't do:

•It will not desalinate salt water.

•It does not remove heavy metals or other chemicals from water.  Although the carbon filter will remove some contaminants, we cannot promise that it will remove any specific contamination other than those noted above.

•It has not been tested on wastewater and is not intended to treat wastewater.  Sorry no drinking toilet water… gross.

•It cannot perform well if it is not maintained.  Backflush regularly and clean the prefilter often.  Replace the filters when flow cannot be improved by backflushing.


It's time to stop wasting your camp time pumping water by hand!  All the water you want at the push of a button. You need this in your drybox or overland kit.

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The "Vern"

How PYURIFI Was Born

In 2009 my dad, Vern Brecke, solved a problem.  He and his crew were taking a three week journey down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  He needed a way to replenish their water and he really didn't want to waste time pumping.  Thus version 1.0 of Pyurifi (I call it the "Vern") was born.  This baby weighed in at over 50 pounds but it cranked out clean, safe, great tasting water for the entire trip.  He really wanted to take his idea and create an affordable product for his river rafting community but he also wanted to find a way to bring clean water to places in the world that couldn't trust their water sources.  Since his death in 2010, I've been working on making his design more efficient and smaller.  I think I've succeeded and it's available to rafting crews, overlanders, car campers and anyone that needs to access clean water in quantity while in the back country.  Our next step will be to realize his vision of service, more on that later.

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