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RiVern Adventure Designs is named for my dad, Vern.  He was passionate about river rafting and he passed that, plus a love for exciting outdoor sports, on to me.  He was a guy that could make or fix pretty much anything you put in front of him, if he didn't understand something he would figure it out.

That's the approach we use at RiVern Adventure Designs:

We can make that.  We'll fix that.  We will figure that out. 

All in the service of making our customer's adventures just that much better, smoother, more enjoyable.

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The Vern: How PYURIFI was Born

In 2009, my Dad Vern Brecke was planning a three-week journey down the Colorado River when he realized the need for a water filtration system that was efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Thus, version 1.0 of Pyurifi (affectionately called "the Vern") was born. It was a game-changer for his river rafting community, and he dreamed of bringing clean water to places around the world that lacked access to safe water sources.

Since Vern's passing in 2010, we've been working tirelessly to make his vision a reality. We've made the Pyurifi system more efficient and smaller, so it's now available to rafting crews, overlanders, car campers, and anyone who needs access to clean water in quantity while in the backcountry. We are proud to continue Vern's legacy, and we plan to make his vision of helping others get access to clean water a reality.

At RiVern Adventure Designs, we believe everyone deserves access to clean water, no matter where they are. That's why we've created the best water system and filtration options available. Whether you're off-grid, camping, or just looking for a reliable way to access clean water, Pyurifi has you covered.

Dad for Website
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